Bolero Rap Battles

Bolero Rap Battles

Bolero Rap Battles | Trailer

It’s Flip Top with a twist! Your favorite Pinoy rappers battle it out on stage as they try to please each other in this freestyle rap show.



Forever Sucks S3

Episode 1: Forever at Last

One month after the Harker and Helsing Christmas party, Kiko and Izabel are now dating.


Episode #1 | The Bullied | Outlife

Erick already knew that he was gay when he was 4 yrs old.

Sabagay Life

Episode #1 | Jackie Is Back | Sabagay Life

Jackie is back after 6 years so Jinno feels na right timing na para umamin. But Jackie arrives with a “boylet” in tow which stops Jinno from making a move.