Baon Fix

Baon Fix

Host Patti Grandidge concocts tasty dishes for the casual cook.


Baon Fix

Beer-based Chili | Baon Fix

Who says you can’t have beer when you’re at the office?

Baon Fix

Savory Cupcakes | Baon Fix

Who says cupcakes should only be sweet?!

Baon Fix

Chori Rice Burger | Baon Fix

Tired of your usual burgers?

Baon Fix

Mug Recipes | Baon Fix

Got no time to pack your lunch? #BaonFix has got you covered!

Baon Fix

Fried Mac and Cheese | Baon Fix

Are you ready for a heart-stopping ooey-gooey mac & cheese recipe?

Baon Fix

Kimchilog | Baon Fix

Heads up, Kimchi lovers! Here’s a well-loved Filipino dish with a tasty Korean twist!

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